Below are our rules:


  1. In hot weather, leave fish in landing net for at least 5 minutes before taking out of water.
  2. Maximum of three rods per angler. All in the same swim.
  3. Do not cut back tree branches or vegetation.
  4. Please leave the toilet and shower facilities in a clean and tidy condition.
  5. Leave huts in a clean and tidy condition. PLEASE do not leave anything in huts or fridges.
  6. ALL rubbish is to be brought back to house car park. DO NOT leave any rubbish at the end of your stay. We have a recycling policy which must be adhered to.  Any other “general waste” we can dispose of but there is a €4.50 per black bag as this is what we will be charge.
  7. Drug and Alcohol abuse is not tolerated, those found highly intoxicated will be asked to leave, and placed on a collective fishery ‘black list’.
  8. No fires, including all forms of BBQ/fire pit.
  9. All vehicles must be parked in the designated car parks after unloading. Gravel tracks must be kept clear at all times.
  10. Arrival to site for your holiday is after 1pm. Anglers must leave the lake by 10am on Saturday following their session.
  11. Unhooking mats, weight slings and weigh tripods are provided by Rushes Lake, carp care kits MUST be used.
  12. No carp sacks allowed on site.
  13. No leadcore leaders of any kind.  We allow Korda Heli safe type leaders.
  14. We recommend barbless hooks.  Our fish can be very lively on the bank and we have had a few incidences of hooks in fingers!
  15. No long, curved shank hooks or 360 rigs to be used.  Ronnie rigs are okay.
  16. No nuts of any kind and no shelf life products.
  17. Minimum reel line diameter of 0.40mm.
  18. No braided reel lines or shock leaders allowed; including fluorocarbon and mono shock leaders (with the exception of spod/marker rods).
  19. For Zig fishing, 0.30mm minimum hooklink diameter.
  20. All rigs must be safe, ensuring that the Carp can lose the lead in the event of a “crack off” or the line breaking.
  21. Make sure that the fish are removed from lake in a considered manor using the weigh sling.  No removal from water using landing nets.  Fins are checked that they are flat before lifting.
  22. Bait boats allowed. A rowing boat is available. If used for baiting up, please keep the boat clean and no bait in the bottom. Life jacket is available. Used at anglers risk.
  23. Marker poles are available – you must return these from the lake before leaving.
  24. No fishing from dam wall.
  25. No swimming in lake.
  26. No Dogs allowed.
  27. “The Twig” is banned on our lake.  We have given it a go though Autumn 2023 but we found x2 fish which needed attention as “The Twig” was still attached and was dragging weed.
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