We take what our fish are fed very seriously!  Our boilies are freshly frozen and our Maize is freshly prepared just a day or so before your arrival. Our pellet is a high grade fishmeal pellet on which our fish are fed throughout the year.

If you are considering bringing your own bait, please be aware that we have had anglers have their own bait confiscated by French customs.  Sometimes with a fine!  This not only ruins the start of a trip but also means having to buy bait again. We believe our pricing to be competitive and we also know that it works extremely well. It’s staple for our fish.  All our bait is fresh and all frozen.

For more information on our chosen boilie – please visit this link https://www.loirbaits.com/fc.html

Boilies 1kg @ 10
Boilies 5kg @ 45
Pop ups @ 12
Balanced Wafters @ 12
Booster pot @ 25
Rushes Fishmeal Carp Pellet 1kg @ 4€
Maize mix5kg @ 15€

Bait Bundle Package 1

5kg Boilie, 5kg *Maize mix, 5kg pellet @ 80€

Bait Bundle Package 2

10kg Boilie, 15kg *Maize mix, 10kg pellet @ 140€

* Maize mix constists of whole maize, flaked maize, crushed maize

PLEASE NOTE:  If you bring your own boilies, they must be frozen, NO shelf life

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